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Pre-Order your Hamer Hot Ones heating pellets now

We know the quality of pellets is super important to the health of your pellet stove.  We are now offering pre-orders for your heating pellets for the upcoming 2021 heating season.  We have a limited capacity so be sure to order while supplies last.

For a pellet fuel to meet premium grade standards, the pellet fuel must contain:

  • Less than 1% ash

  • Less than .5% fines

  • Less than 8% moisture content

  • Bulk Density of 40.-48. lb /cu. Ft




Learn more about Hamer Hot Ones

  • Schlemmer's now has a smaller warehouse and does not have the ability to store heating pellets all season long.  While we cannot offer year-round pellets, we are trying something new this year - Pre-Orders!  
  • We will accept pre-orders from July 12th - July 28th.  Order minimums are 1 ton (1 pallet) and maximum is 2 tons (2 pallets)  Pellets should come in within 1-3 weeks of being ordered.  Once we have a ship date, we will notify customers about the pick up timeframe.  All Pellets MUST be picked up within 2 weeks of the delivery to the Schlemmer's Warehouse in Wabash.

  • 1 ton = 1 Pallet.  Approximately 50 bags.  Each bag is 40 pounds.  
    2 tons = 2 Pallets.  Approximately 100 bags.  Each bag is 40 pounds.  

  • Pick ups will require a truck, flat bed, or trailer bed to load the pallets on.  Schlemmer's will use a fork lift or pallet jack to load.  Pick up of the heating pellets must happen within two weeks of them being delivered.  We will place orders on July 30th and are told that shipping can take 1 - 3 weeks to come in.  

  • Once we have a delivery date, customers will be notified with a pick up schedule for their heating pellets.  Schlemmer's will offer limited after-hours from 9 am - 6 pm, Tuesday - Friday and 1 Saturday once we receive a shipping confirmation.  Again, we will not know the shipping timeline until we submit our order.

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1 Ton Pellets

1 Pallet, 50 bags

$310 Plus 7% sales Tax



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01/19 - 01/23

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