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Keeping you warm, all season long!


We have 4 certified chimney sweeps who are professionally trained to sweep, test, inspect, and diagnose.  We service Wood/Gas/Pellet stoves, fireplaces, inserts, and gas logs.   
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Chimney Sweeps, Cleanings & Inspections
Crown Coat / Leaks/  Caps

From annual cleanings to replacing gasket, doors, pilots, and more.  Contact our service department to see how we can help prepare you for heating season!

Our staff are professionally trained Chimney sweeps and technicians.  We are knowledgeable in Level 1, 2, and 3 Chimney Inspections

Chimney Leaks, replacement caps, and sealing your crown.  


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Sales Quote

Step 1.


We will setup an in store appointment to discuss the products that will best suite your needs.  We ask customers to provide pictures of where the unit will be (both inside and outside) and some basic measurements.  From there we can create a soft quote in the store.  

The cost is $65 for Wabash/Howard Counties, and $100 for the remaining counties we service.

Debit Card

Step 2.


We will schedule a site inspection to do official measurements.  This allows us to provide a final quote. 


Once customers have accepted their final quote, a 50% deposit is required to move forward.


Step 3.


Once your unit arrives, we can schedule your installation.  Shipping timeframes range from 4 weeks to a couple months.

Upon completion of your installation, we bill the other portion of the quote.

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