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We are committed to minimizing the spread of COVID 19 to our customers and our small staff.  We want to keep our customers warm this heating season and hope to stay open as long as we are able and healthy to do so.  

What we are doing:

  • We are wearing masks when requested by customers.

  • We are sanitizing.

  • Any staff that is exhibiting COVID symptoms will remain at home and their appointments rescheduled if needed.  

  • We are monitoring the 14 counties that we serve, if there is a stay-at-home order we may have to reschedule your service/install.  Our install and service team is based out of Wabash County.  

    What can you do:  

  • During your visit we ask that you maintain 6 feet distance

  • Minimize our indoor conversations, when possible it is preferred to discuss your service/install outside.

  • Avoid physical greetings like handshakes

  • Consider wearing a mask while our service provider is inside your home

  • If you are sick or showing COVID symptoms please notify our Wabash office to be rescheduled.  

  • After your visit, it recommended to clean and disinfect any services that has been touched 

For more information please visit the CDC's website on Coronavirus.  

At the bottom of our heart, thank you for supporting a locally-owned, small business!

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